How to a Execute a Successful Social Media Giveaway Campaign
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How to a Execute a Successful Social Media Giveaway Campaign

A successful social media giveaway can increase traffic to both your social media profiles and your business’s website.

A successful social media giveaway can increase traffic to both your social media profiles and your business’s website.

Social media giveaways aren’t just rewards for your followers, they also provide many benefits for your business. A successful giveaway can increase traffic to both your social media profiles and your business’s website. This in turn increases SEO, which is exactly what Google likes to see. Increased engagement with followers helps raise awareness for your brand and gives you a chance to learn more about your clients and customers.

We all know social media is a great way to communicate with your clients, and it never hurts to try new things to increase your customer interactions. Giveaways provide you with an opportunity to shake up your usual social media content with a fun, new engagement experience. Here is a rundown of some things you need to do to carry out an effective social media giveaway to help better your brand appearance and client interaction.

1. Setting a Budget

The first step in putting on a giveaway is deciding on a budget for the event. Setting an efficient budget will help make your giveaway more organized and successful. It is important to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on the entire event and stick to it.

Choosing the budget for your giveaway item should involve a bit of research. It is important to know your followers and how they will react to different giveaway values. The value of your item must be enough to get your audience to interact and feel that the giveaway is worth entering.

You should also account for the cost of advertising the giveaway. Boosting social media posts and creating click/like ads will often gain your giveaway more attention. If you plan on utilizing paid advertising, make sure you work it into your overall event budget.

2. Choosing a Giveaway Item

With your budget set, it is time to choose your giveaway item. Again, it is important to know your audience. What will
your followers want? What are they interested in? These are important questions to ask. Whatevergift giveaway item you choose, be sure that it provides an efficient amount of incentive for your followers to want to enter.

Perhaps your business is launching a new product. Giving this product at a free or discounted price might be a good idea to raise product awareness. If the product is a little more obscure or specific to a certain type of customer, you might want to choose an item that will be valuable to everyone so you can extend your appeal to more followers. Gift cards and popular electronics are always safe choices that will appeal to most people. Gift certificates to your business are a great chance to raise brand and product awareness while ensuring the winner will invest the money into your business.

3. Selecting a Giveaway Format

Next, determine your giveaway format. To do this, you must ask yourself what your objective is. Are you mainly focused on increasing engagement on social media, getting more traffic to your website or promoting a product? Making goals will help you properly carry out your giveaway.                                                    

Maybe a contest format is best for you. Setting up a question or challenge and the first person to complete it correctly or give the best answer wins the giveaway. Having the challenge/question relate to the business or a product will help raise brand awareness. This would help create a spike in engagement with your followers, but will be a shorter giveaway depending on response time and contest design.

Random selection giveaways are also a popular option. It is a common format to have followers like and comment on a created giveaway post and like the business’s social media page. After the allotted amount of time, randomly select the winner of the giveaway. This will obviously add to the amount of page likes for the social media account, improve follower engagement and increase overall brand recognition.

Again, consult your audience research to determine the amount of time you want your giveaway to last. Be sure you give participants enough time to see the post and enter, but don’t wait so long that your followers lose interest or forget about the giveaway.

Whatever format you choose, it is important to make sure the instructions are clear and understandable. You might lose potential participants if the giveaway is hard to understand or too complicated.

4. Determining Promotion

social iconsNext, decide on the best ways to promote the event. Make sure the giveaway post you’ve created for the event is placed front and center on the social media page. Facebook and Twitter both have a “pin” option that allows you to pin important posts to the top of the page. Utilizing this feature will ensure followers will see the giveaway details as soon as they visit your profile.

Don’t forget to utilize your other social media accounts to help promote the event. If you made the giveaway on Facebook, be sure to mention it on your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media profiles to ensure your clients/customers know about the opportunity. Developing social media ads to reach your target audience will also help drive participants to your page.

5. Announcing a Winner

You’ve been promoting and interacting with the giveaway and now it’s time to pick a winner! Depending on your format, you’ll need to look through your answers and at the post to determine who entered the giveaway correctly and who is most deserving. If you chose a random giveaway winner there are various free random number generators online to help you select a winner.first-951457_960_720

Once you have the name of the winner, contact them in a timely and efficient manner. Be sure to ask them all the information you’ll need and give them clear instructions on what they need to do to receive their prize.

Finally, don’t forget to announce the winner for the rest of the participants to see and declare that the giveaway is over. This is also a great opportunity to promote upcoming giveaways or products and to thank those who participated in the event.

6. Preparing for Your Next Giveaway

The last thing you should do in the giveaway process is use the information you gathered from the experience to better prepare for the next event. What worked well? Was the prize well received? Was there a good amount of interaction? Asking yourself these questions will help you improve the entire giveaway process and further your connection with your followers.


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