Treefrog Marketing understands small business.

With our small business marketing partnership, you remain in full control of your marketing efforts and budgets – while ensuring all marketing and advertising initiatives are executed on time, on budget and on brand.

By working with an agency that is focused on being part of your organization, you can feel confident about your ability to fulfill your company’s marketing goals. Our experienced strategists and designers understand how to help you move from brainstorming to strategy to campaign execution.


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Our strategic plan outlines the details of your marketing initiatives. All agency recommendations include services proposed and any fees associated, so you remain in control of your marketing action plan.

Our Strategic Marketing Plan includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Target market analysis
  • Strategy action plan
  • Measurements
  • Marketing financial analysis
  • Media costs
  • Creative cost outline
  • Any other costs/fees associated with the development/execution of your marketing strategy.

For more information, please contact us. We would love to discuss your unique advertising and marketing needs.

Partnership Opportunities

Our agency offers two types of partnership options; per project and agency partnership. Per project partnership is just as it sounds – assistance on a per project basis. Simply let us know when you want to partner with us on any type of project including website development, marketing strategy, commercial development, social media management, online marketing and more.

Our agency partnership provides the opportunity for our agency and your organization to build a true marketing partnership. We know that success comes from immersing ourselves in your business, helping to solve challenges by being a part of the organization – not a partner who tries to take over. This partnership provides a set, monthly budget to assist your company with strategic marketing planning and execution for a full 12 months. Additionally, agency partnerships come standard with 2 hours per month built in for consultation and buffer hours for any unexpected assistance.

No matter which partnership option you choose, you’ll remain in control of your overall budget and strategic plan.


We are happy to help.

Our mission is to simply to help people. We do that by developing strategic solutions for your business, answering any questions you may have as well as ensure that you fully understand the direction of your organization. If you would like to discuss the benefits of our agency partnerships, please let us know.