Why Small Businesses Should Use Boosted Posts on Facebook
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December 12, 2017
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Why Small Businesses Should Use Boosted Posts on Facebook

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

You’ve probably heard it before, but your business NEEDS to have a social media presence. Using social media to drive traffic to your website and raise brand awareness should be a key point in your small business marketing plan.

However, in a world with the newest Facebook algorithm and constant Facebook updates, just posting free, unpromoted content won’t cut the mustard. Thankfully, there are a number of advertising options to help your business succeed on Facebook, including boosted posts.

What’s a boosted post?

If you’ve used Facebook for your business, you’ve probably seen the blue “boost post” button appear at the bottom of your posts. But, what does it do?

By paying a fee to boost a post on your page, you can make sure your posts appear higher on your consumers’ newsfeeds. Ideally, the more money you use to boost a post, the more people will see and interact with your post.

Here are a few reasons why small businesses should use boosted posts to create a more effective social media strategy.

1. Boosted posts help your posts perform better.

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

Facebook has become such an important marketing tool for today’s businesses. Its vast amount of users and inexpensive advertising options make it the perfect place to reach out to your ideal customers.

That said, just posting organic posts (normal posts that aren’t ads) is no longer enough. With Facebook’s current algorithm, 2% or less of your followers are actually seeing your organic Facebook posts. To combat this problem and make sure your posts make it in front of your customers, you need to be putting resources towards paid Facebook advertising.

Facebook boosted posts are a great way to make your business’s posts more effective. Boosting your posts places them higher on consumers’ newsfeeds, which means your customers have a much higher chance of seeing your content. As more and more people are able to see your posts, the number of post views will rise and your target audience will easily be able to like, share, and comment on your posts. This increases engagement and helps you succeed in delivering your message to your customers.

2. Boosted posts make it easier to reach your target audience.

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

Previously, boosted posts had very limited targeting choices. However, within the last couple of years, Facebook has expanded the options you can choose to reach your customers.

Along with being able to target your current followers and their friends, you are now able to target and exclude behaviors and interests, demographics, geography, and more to reach your ideal audience. This will help you easily get your message to the people who will actually connect with it.

3. Boosted posts are easy to create.

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

Another reason why small businesses should use boosted posts is because they are easy to create. While you should definitely do your research before spending money on social media advertising, boosted posts are a great start for those who are new to Facebook ads.

Boosted posts allow you to promote content that has already been posted on your Facebook page with just the click of a button. All targeting and payment options are pulled up on the same screen, and you are even able to view helpful post performance information after the promotion has ended. They are a user-friendly advertising option that many small business owners find useful and effective.

Finding online advertising resources that work for your small business is crucial to reaching your target customers. Try out boosted posts and other Facebook advertising options to see which is best for your business.

Small businesses should use boosted posts.

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