PINteresting Social Media Strategies: Utilizing Pinterest
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PINteresting Social Media Strategies: Utilizing Pinterest

Establishing a Pinterest presence can create a more holistic approach to your company’s social media voice and help your business branch out in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.

Establishing a Pinterest presence can create a more holistic approach to your company’s social media voice and help your business branch out in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.

When most people think of Pinterest, they think of millennials pinning wedding decorations, recipes, and crafts for their homes. Pinterest is not commonly thought of as a platform used for business interactions, whereas other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter usually come to mind over this younger site.

However, despite what you may think, Pinterest is a growing business tool that cannot be ignored. In 2013, Pinterest had 70 million users worldwide who were all looking for things to buy, create and do. Establishing a Pinterest presence can not only create a more holistic approach to your company’s social media voice, but it can help your business branch out in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.

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While Pinterest continues to grow and create more features that are beneficial to marketers, many users are still skeptical about what benefits this platform can bring them. Pinterest distinguishes itself from other social media sites in the following categories:

Its visual appeal.

Pinterest is an image-based platform and is an easy way to display products online for a large audience. If your business’ products take visual elements into account at all, then Pinterest can be just the tool you’ve been missing. Restaurants, fashion, art, retail, clothing, and travel are just a few examples of industries that can take advantage of the graphic appeal of this platform. Pinterest boards also help show off products in similar categories using boards, which helps display how your products work together.

It inspires creativity.

If you run a business that targets individuals who want to create something new, then Pinterest is one of the best places online where they can be reached. From crafts, construction, design, food and more, the Do-it-Yourself community is huge on Pinterest. Creating a Pinterest presence is a way to align your business with these types of customers and helps them keep your brand in mind when their creative juices are flowing.

It’s a great outlet for information sharing.

Pinterest is more than just a fluffy social media site for crafty women. Thousands of users log on to search for information about job interview tips, environmental concerns, legal advice, and technology reviews. So while it can be a great outlet to inspire imagination in your customers, Pinterest can also deliver facts and information to them about your company and products.

Okay, so you’re convinced. Now what?

Now that you know the benefits of a Pinterest business account, you need to be aware of how to best utilize it. Not all pins are created equal, and there is definitely a right and wrong way to interact on this site. Below are a few tips to help you get started in the right direction.

Organized boards

Boards are going to be your company’s strongest asset. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, a Pinterest board is a collection of saved pins. Each board you create should have a specific topic, and your pins need to be relevant to this topic as well. Keeping your boards organized will be the easiest way for viewers to find what they are looking for and fully understand what your company is about. Below is an example of Midwest Rentals, a client of Treefrog Marketing, which demonstrates a good example of the potential behind organized board topics.

pinterest blog

Pinnable Websites

Pinterest makes it easy for users to pin images on your website directly onto their own Pinterest boards with the “Pin It” button. This helps create a seamless integration between your company website and social media accounts, and is very user friendly as well. For directions on how to download the “Pin It” button on your website images, click here.

Original Pinterest content

It’s one thing to pin photos of products that align with your brand, but adding your own products to the Pinterest community is even better. Take photos of your products and upload them onto your boards so that users can see them firsthand. Just like pinnable websites, this feature is very easy and painless. Directions can be found here.

Promoted Pins

Even if you have fantastic images and unique boards, it can still be a challenge to get users to find your brand among the clutter on Pinterest. That’s where promoted pins come into play. Functioning on a cost-per-click basis, promoted pins have been paid for by advertisers to target and be seen by certain people who may not be searching for specific content. It works similar to Facebook or Twitter ads, where businesses get to decide who sees their pin and track its success. Promoted pins are a great way to take your advertising tactics to the next level and seek out individuals who can benefit from your business.

Buy it Button

This is Pinterest’s latest innovation, and it allows businesses to sell their products directly on the site. It has helped turned Pinterest into a hybrid between a social sharing space and an e-commerce site, and has opened many doors for advertising opportunities. If you’re looking for a unique way to sell inventory to customers, the Buy It button is something you should look into.

Overall, if you get nothing else out of Pinterest it will help your company strengthen its brand. The combination of appealing graphics and the social community surrounding this platform can allow your business to express its unique voice and reach customers in a new way. Strong brands are not afraid to take risks and share information about who they are, and Pinterest is a great tool to help make that happen.

For more information about how Pinterest can benefit you, reach out to us at Treefrog Marketing for answers and assistance getting started on this platform.

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