Using Pinterest to Boost Other Social Media Analytics
Establishing a Pinterest presence can create a more holistic approach to your company’s social media voice and help your business branch out in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.
PINteresting Social Media Strategies: Utilizing Pinterest
October 9, 2015
Statistics show blogging can help your small business grow.
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February 18, 2016

Using Pinterest to Boost Other Social Media Analytics

Pinterest can boost your small business' numbers.

Pinterest can boost your small business' numbers.

Facebook is arguably one of the most powerful social media tools available today. However, it is by no means perfect. The way Facebook is structured means posts are generally viewed for a day or two at most before disappearing into the content void. The only way to prolong engagement with a post is to promote it, but the problem is not all businesses have a budget to “pay-to-play” on a consistent, regular basis. That’s where Pinterest comes in. 

When you pin something to a board, it stays there, easily accessible. There’s no need to spend 10 minutes scrolling down through your Facebook timeline to find that article from last April. In the past, we’ve written about how Pinterest works, some Pinteresting strategies, as well as the power of images on social media. In this blog, we focus on how to use Pinterest to boost numbers on other social media platforms.

Look at the right numbers

girl with coffee using laptopWhen it comes to Pinterest, followers are nice, but engagement is nicer. Think about it. When a pinner (Someone with an account on Pinterest) logs in, they are looking for something specific. If your tagwords are right, your images are appealing, and your content is helpful to the pinner, they will repin your post.

All of their followers will then see it and hopefully repin it as well. Your content is shared exponentially, to far more people than your followers (and you don’t have to pay a penny!).

Share the love

It gets even more awesome from there. When you pin new content, you have the ability to send the pinner anywhere you want – a website, social media page, YouTube video, or really anywhere on the internet. Link your pins to your Facebook posts and Voila! your Facebook engagement gets a boost.

Why link to your social media instead of your website? That’s not a bad idea, but there’s a better strategy. If you link your content solely to your website, that content is only working for you one time. The key is to link content that links to other content; for example, your famous barbecue recipe infographic links to a photo on your Facebook page that links to a video posted on your website. If your content is good enough, people will follow the chain of information, and your analytics will look better than ever.

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Know what they want to see

The most important thing to remember will always be your audience. People will repin, share and favorite information that is important to them. Promotional content is not as effective as content that is helpful to the pinner: rental companies can post party theme ideas and wedding checklists, health centers post about the benefits of exercise and eating well, eye doctors post about the best glasses for your face shape, and so on.

For more information about how Pinterest can benefit you, reach out to us at Treefrog Marketing for answers and assistance getting started on this platform.

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