My Semester as a Treefrogger
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September 22, 2015
Treefrog internships teach you a diverse set of skills.
My Two Semesters At Treefrog Marketing: An Intern Reflection
May 6, 2016
Treefrog internships encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Treefrog internships encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new.

When Treefrog Marketing & Communications contacted me for writing samples and, later on, for an interview, I was rather surprised. Even though I had wanted to try out a marketing internship so badly, I did not think that anyone would have interest in a pre-law, political science major. I thought that I stood no chance, especially since in my nervousness, I forgot how to say the word “great” in my interview and sat there pronouncing gibberish for about ten awkward seconds. I even brought up my stuffed animals during this same interview (at the age of 21 years old). For all of these reasons, I was beyond shocked, but also delighted, to discover that I was going to be an intern at Treefrog for the Spring 2016 semester.

My Treefrog Education

Treefrog taught me that it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new. If I had not taken the risk when I applied to Treefrog Marketing & Communications, and if Megan and Victoria hadn’t taken a chance on the pre-law, political science major, I would have never been able to experience this semester of workplace and creative firsts. By working as an intern at Treefrog, I was given a new segment to my personality; I became something more than the “future-lawyer girl”. I was able to discover the concept of creativity in the workplace, which was something I had never experienced before.

Ami SanghviAs an amateur blogger previously, I was thrilled to be educated on the art of blogging, blog design, and SEO. Nothing, however, was more astonishingly enjoyable for me than being given the opportunity to write countless blogs on legal terminology and concepts. I did not think that this internship would do anything to prepare me in any way for my future as a lawyer, but Megan and Victoria found a way to integrate a legal education into my internship experience.

My Takeaways from my Treefrog Experience

I am the most appreciative for the constant challenges my Treefrog experience gave me. Before coming to Treefrog, my writing style had hardly been critiqued by friends, family, teachers, or professors.  However, during the course of my internship, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses when it came to my writing because Megan and Victoria made it a point to challenge me. My attention to detail had not previously been truly tested in a situation where the results mattered, but at Treefrog, it was crucial to be able to catch even the smallest of mistakes in my work. As someone who gets bored easily, I will always appreciate that I was consistently challenged at Treefrog and was never given the opportunity to feel that my internship experience was a dull time. Every day was enjoyable and exciting, and I truly felt pride in all of my work.

The Other Treefroggers

I had always assumed that the workplace was cold and unfriendly. If other companies are anything like Treefrog, then I was truly proven wrong. The Treefroggers are like a big, sweet family of people who love their coworkers and what they do. They treat their coworkers and their interns with the utmost respect and strongly encourage each other not to get overworked or overstressed.

Ami SanghviThe Treefroggers work so hard, but they also know how to eat, joke, laugh, and have a good time. We bonded over plenty of cake and stories of our ridiculously nerdy childhoods, and for this reason, I knew that I belonged at Treefrog. The other Treefroggers always made it a point to make us interns feel appreciated and included, and this was refreshing after all of the stories people told me about interns just being company coffee-fetchers.

When I go to law school, I will probably hope and pray that my legal education lands me in a firm with terrific people and experiences like those I had at Treefrog. Treefrog has probably spoiled me with how enjoyable it was, but it also taught me about the kind of life and future I want for myself. Treefrog showed me that the workplace environment does matter, that there’s always room for growth, and that it’s always important to take pride in your work. I have been so overjoyed to be an intern, and I will always look back on this experience and remember the time that I was able to experience life as a Treefrogger. Ribbit.

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