Lessons Learned at Treefrog
Treefrog internships teach you a diverse set of skills.
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May 6, 2016
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Lessons Learned at Treefrog

Annie Stoker, a content intern at Treefrog Marketing.

Annie Stoker, a content intern at Treefrog Marketing.After my freshman year at Brigham Young University, I decided to transfer to Purdue to be closer to my soon-to-be-husband. This was a scary move for me since Purdue did not offer the major I had been studying at BYU so I had to reevaluate what I wanted to do with my life. It was a total mid-college crisis, and I was lost.

I had set up a meeting over the summer with an adviser at Purdue to pinpoint what my major would be in the fall, but I still had no clue what I wanted. I started chatting with my long-time friend Vanessa about what she studied at Purdue (she had also transferred from BYU after her freshman year) and what her job was like at a marketing firm in Lafayette. As she was describing what she did at Treefrog, I was immediately intrigued. This was what I wanted to do! I just never knew how to vocalize it! Ever since then, I have dreamed of working with the amazing team at Treefrog, and following graduation, I was able to make it happen!

This internship has taught me so many things in the few months that I have been here. Like…

Learning New Things Isn’t as Scary as I Thought It’d Be

I was pretty terrified about learning how to use new programs like Hootsuite, WordPress, MailChimp, and Canva. I thought I would for sure ruin something and someone else would have to fix it (thankfully that only happened a few times). But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to learn and figure out on my own. And for the times when I really didn’t know what to do, everyone at Treefrog was approachable and happy to help answer my questions and show me what to do. They did a great job of balancing letting me figure things out for myself and still supporting and helping me. I’m grateful that Treefrog allowed me to learn so many new things that I can add to my personal arsenal of skills for my future careers.

Small Businesses Are Amazing

One thing that always intrigued me about Treefrog is that they work with so many local businesses. I am passionate about small business and was excited that I would get to help (even in a small way!) these businesses grow. Another added benefit of working with local entrepreneurs is that the work we do is incredibly diverse. Every business has different needs and goals, and I love that we get to customize a plan for each one that we work with so no project is ever the same! I got to work on projects for nonprofits, law firms, jewelers, food delivery services, cigar lounges, and healthcare workers, just to name a few.  And I learned a lot from each one!

IMG_7778Sitting Is Bad

Treefrog is a very active office, which I LOVE. I don’t do well with sitting still for long periods of time so I was grateful that we would often take walks outside together to local coffee shops or to just enjoy the weather. Megan even sets a timer so every 90 minutes we have to get up and walk or move around! It’s fun and gives us an excuse to chat for a few minutes while we get our blood flowing. Everyone here is so kind and nice and I appreciated that everyone made an effort to get to know me on a personal level and I was able to get to know them too!

Change and Growth Are Good

Even in the short time that I have been at Treefrog, I’ve been able to see them grow a ton! They’ve taken on many more clients and hired several people to help with all the new work. It’s an exciting time to be in the office and I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone embrace and grow from these changes. It’s made me more excited about my future in marketing, whether it be here or somewhere else, and realize that change is the only way we can stretch ourselves, learn new things, and improve. Treefrog has certainly forced me to do that and I am eternally grateful for the time I have had here.

I’m looking forward to seeing where I’ll go next in life! Wherever I end up, I know that the skills I have learned and the relationships I have built here will help me in my next step. Treefrog is an amazing place, and I do hope that I’ll be able to return someday and work with this amazing team again. Thank you, all!


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