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Internal Brand



Your people don't buy into what you do;
they’re interested in why you do it.

Your people are your most valuable audience.

If your internal brand messages aren’t clear, employees will not fully understand their purpose within the organization, causing dissatisfaction.

Additionally, they will struggle to communicate the value of your organization with current and potential customers.

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As a leader, you know it's vital that your employees understand where they fit into the big picture.

This will help them communicate more effectively with coworkers and customers.

When they understand their role in supporting and building an overall goal, you’ll see:

        • Increased clarity in communication
        • Higher productivity
        • Greater loyalty

If you want to build loyalty, increase productivity, and drive innovation—you must first clarify your internal brand.


Our internal brand development process is based on a scientifically-backed concept outlining the complex way people make decisions.

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Most businesses have a mission and vision statement and a handful of core values.


However, if you ask, most employees won't be able to name more than one or two core values. Why? Because you may have too many, and they’re too vague.


Following our internal branding protocol, we’ll outline key message points and develop four guiding statements for your brand.

These will serve as the foundation of who you hire and how your organization communicates with your:

    • Potential new hires
    • Employees
    • Vendors
    • Community

This clarity provides an opportunity for anyone who interacts with your organization to become champions of your brand. Ideally, this clarity starts at the top of the organization and moves through the company.


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It's time everyone understands where they fit in and how they can become champions of your brand.


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By defining your internal brand, you’ll know exactly who fits into your organization and why you do what you do.

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