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Audience Identification



If it takes too long for your target audience to comprehend what you mean, you’re losing sales.

Confused buyers don't buy anything.

The human brain is wired to not pay attention to things that it doesn't deem important. In fact, consumers don't always buy the best products or services; they buy the products and services they can understand the easiest.

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Since 2000, we’ve helped many companies understand and properly communicate with their best audiences.

We’ve created successful target audience protocols that outline what your prospects need to feel comfortable making a buying decision.

These protocols include:

        • Identifying your best audiences
        • Mapping out touchpoints
        • Understanding buying actions

It's imperative that your customers become the center of attention, not your company.


To be successful, you must shift away from traditional messaging that puts your company first. Research shows—and everyone knows—that no one likes to feel like they are being sold to.

This is why how you create your marketing messaging is so important. People want to know you care about them before they care about you.

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When you follow our guidelines for creating effective messaging, your customers will want to do business with you!


We’ll position your organization as a trusted partner—which has significantly more authority and power than simply telling your customers that you are the best.


Working through our science-based target audience protocols, we’ll develop four guiding statements that are clear, concise, and results-driven—keeping your best customers’ needs at the forefront of your messaging.


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Discover and define your most impactful target audiences.