Farewell Treefrog | Annie Stoker
Treefrog internships can help develop a variety of marketing skills.
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September 6, 2016
Madeline Ourth is a Content Intern at Treefrog Marketing in Lafayette, Indiana.
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April 17, 2017

Farewell, Treefrog…Again.

Treefrog internships are a special time.

Treefrog internships are a special time.It’s hard to believe that a year ago when I was interviewing for what was supposed to be a four-month internship at Treefrog that it would end up turning into a full-year gig! I started out as an intern, which I loved (you can read about the lessons I learned as an intern here). I then extended my internship over the summer for a few hours each week so I could continue to learn and gain experience while still keeping my other part-time job. Come fall, I was blessed to officially be hired part-time at Treefrog!

I would have stayed longer here (trust me, I wanted to), but of course life had other plans. Shortly after accepting my part-time position in the spring, my husband and I found out I was pregnant. I was beyond happy to hear this news, but of course a little sad that it meant my plans at Treefrog would likely change.

Treefrog is such a wonderful place to work! I feel so blessed to have been here for a full year and to have learned so much. Here are a few things about Treefrog and its employees that I’m especially grateful for:

They value families.

My baby is set to make his arrival in just a few weeks, so I have opted to stay home with him for as long as I can after he is born, instead of returning to my jobs. It is rare to find a business that values family and God as much as Treefrog does. It’s been so fun to have everyone here express how excited they are for the arrival of my baby (we talk about it most days). We already have big plans for him to come visit Treefrog next year so he can meet everyone here!

While I am more than a little sad to be leaving my friends at Treefrog, I couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness, understanding, and support they have shown me as I have decided to leave. They are an amazing group of people!

They’ve helped me grow and develop professionally.

This past year has involved a lot of professional growth for me. Treefrog has been so patient with me as I learned the in’s and out’s of working at a marketing firm, and they always encouraged me while still challenging me to do better. I feel like my writing has vastly improved and that I have a much deeper understanding of how to strategize marketing to be effective for each of our clients. The training they had me do through Hubspot was especially helpful and I really liked that after we all completed that training, we immediately started implementing what we learned into our strategies for each client.

They’ve taught me the importance of constant improvement.

Treefrog is always trying to be better and more effectively serve our clients. They never settle. They are always researching and trying new things so we can be the best marketing firm that we can. I really admire that Treefrog is constantly evolving and doing their best to be ahead of marketing trends. Treefroggers never let fear of change or new things get in the way of trying to improve, and that is something I’m definitely going to keep in mind in my own life.

They are incredibly fun.

Treefrog, in my opinion, is a perfect working environment. They balance professionalism with fun and know how to make everyone feel comfortable and valued. I love all the non-work related activities we do together from service, to Secret Santas, to coffee shop breaks, and more. Coming to work everyday has been a true joy. I feel like I’ve contributed something meaningful to our clients no matter what I’ve been assigned to do, and I have had a lot of fun doing it with my coworkers. I have also made many friends at Treefrog and am sure that I will continue to spend time with them even though I am not working here anymore.

They truly care about their clients.

Working with small businesses has been a real passion for me. I believe that these local businesses have so much to offer to our community, and I am grateful I have had the opportunity to do work for so many of them. I have no doubt that Treefrog will continue to help businesses in our area (and beyond!) thrive and achieve all that they are capable of.

It has been an honor to be a “Treefrogger” this past year and I hope someday to return! Thank you to each and every person at Treefrog for making my experience here so meaningful. I have grown, learned a lot, made some amazing friends, and had more fun doing it than I could have ever imagined. I will miss you all!

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