How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Company’s Brand
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How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Company’s Brand

Brand colors play a major role in the way your customers feel about, interact with, and invest in your small business. In fact, more than 84% of buyers claim color is the primary reason they’re attracted to a company in the first place.

But how do you know which colors are best for your company’s brand? Our comprehensive color psychology guide will help you better understand your consumers’ emotions and purchasing decisions—and how you can use color to express the right personality for your brand.

When you download this guide:
  • You’ll learn about color psychology, the area of research focusing on color’s effect on our behavior and decision-making.
  • You’ll understand why customers may feel a certain way when they see particular colors.
  • You’ll discover which hues will work for your brand’s personality—and which ones won’t.
  • You’ll get examples of top brands that effectively use each color.
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