5 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Is for Everyone
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5 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Is for Everyone

Responsive web design is a movement all businesses need to be part of.

Responsive web design is a movement all businesses need to be part of.

Responsive web design—or the ability for a website to adjust and function on computers, tablets, phones, and other devices—is a movement all businesses need to be part of. The capability of a website to be fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing on multiple gadgets is crucial for surviving in the current business world. If you haven’t already, here are five reasons your company needs to make the switch to responsive web design.

1. Responsive web design speaks volumes.

In the present time, using several devices is common and popular. When your site doesn’t adapt to numerous devices, it makes your site look out of date and, by association, unprofessional and unbending to the current times. Having responsive web design gives people the impression that you and your company are trustworthy, efficient, and polished.

2. You can reach your customers wherever they’re using a device.

responsive web designResponsive web design allows customers to access your website on various devices. This means that whether they’re at home on their laptop, on a bus using their tablet, or walking to a nearby coffeehouse while scrolling through their phone, your audience can access your website in its entirety. All of the information they need about your company and what you do is accessible to them on any device in just a few clicks, and this heightens your ability to draw customers in. If your website is not mobile friendly but a competitor’s is, you will likely miss out on a customer or client because your information is not as accessible.

3. Responsive design improves SEO.

Google has recently crossed over to supporting all that is “mobile-friendly.” Put simply, this means Google typically lists websites that work fluently on multiple devices before websites that are not responsive. Another way to look at this is that Google is essentially working against websites without responsive design and rewarding those who make the switch. Don’t make Google your enemy.

4. You will be able to adjust better to future devices.

If designed strategically, responsive web design websites respond to screens of all shapes and sizes, and this means that with future technological inventions to come, your website will likely be able to adjust and remain user friendly if you choose to utilize responsive web design. The evolution of technology, a process which is occurring and developing with each passing day, affects your website, but with responsive web design, it can be much easier to adjust to the new technological inventions. You will likely need to make occasional adjustments, but this flexibility will pay off when potential customers make the switch to new technological products and are still able to access your organized and visually-pleasing site on their new devices.

5. Responsive web design is cost effective.

responsive web designEven though it takes more effort to put together a responsive website, the effort pays off (literally). A responsive website will survive longer than a non responsive one, and this can save you money on handling the website and updating it. Plus, responsive design will allow you to reach people on multiple devices, meaning you will be able to reach more people more frequently. This will likely lead to an increase in sales and profits.

Responsive web design is important and should be considered by every business. Our experts here at Treefrog Marketing would be glad to provide information, as well as assist you if you decide to make the switch to responsive web design. Please contact us for further information.

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