A marketing agency for small businesses.


Our science-based marketing systems will help you feel confident in your marketing efforts, save time, and increase profits.


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A marketing agency
for small businesses.


Our science-based marketing systems will help you feel confident in your marketing efforts, save time, and increase profits.


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Most business leaders don’t always know where to start or have the time to manage everything themselves.

This tends to lead to wasting time and money on things that don't really work.

With our guidance and the use of scientifically-developed marketing systems, our clients save time, increase profits, and feel confident in their marketing efforts.


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  • Purdue CEM
    Treefrog rebuilt our entire marketing strategy and website. Because of their partnership, we've increased our first year student meetings by over 140%.
    Purdue CEM
    Brandon Fulk
  • Clark's Garden and Floral Boutique
    I absolutely love our website. Each time I look at it, I find a new little detail that makes me love it even more. As soon as we launched it, we had three new online orders.
  • Premier Indiana
    Without the my partnership with Treefrog, I know that I wouldn't be where I am today. They have helped me grow five different successful businesses. I love my Treefrog people!
    Premier Indiana
    Donte Wilburn
  • Robert Goodman Jewelers
    We've been with Treefrog for five plus years. They care so much about helping small businesses succeed. It's a wonderful feeling knowing we don't have to worry about our marketing strategy or handle everything ourselves.
    Robert Goodman Jewelers
    Bob & Rose-Marie Goodman
  • Volonte
    We partnered with Treefrog over five years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We rely on their marketing expertise and that gives me time to focus on the other aspects of our business.
    Kym Mennen

We understand the responsibility that comes with running and growing a company.



Other people's livelihoods depend on our ability to create successful outcomes. 

This is why we:

      • Are dedicated to being responsive, professional, helpful, creative, strategic, and accurate.
      • Choose not to be wasteful of our time or resources.
      • Seek ways to create better outcomes.
      • Strive to always be efficient.


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Many organizations don't feel confident in their marketing efforts.



This is a common frustration whether you’re a VP of marketing, business leader, or small business owner. 

Clients constantly tell us the marketing efforts that worked in the past aren't working well now. This is because consumers are overwhelmed. In a world where customers have to think too much in order to make buying decisions, your goal is to simplify their buying decisions.

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There are four steps to building a successful marketing systems.



First, identify your best prospects and scientifically clarify your messaging. 


Use your audience strategy to build a lead-generating website. 


Develop strategic blogs, downloads, and videos that pique curiosity and provide guidance to your ideal customer.


Use social media, Google ads, and strategic emails to highlight your content and attract new customers.

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Most marketing efforts fail because they are too hard to understand and don't focus on the customer.

Research tells us that the human brain is wired to not pay attention to things that it doesn't deem important. If it takes too long to comprehend something, people will just move on. 

Since 2000, we’ve proven that clarifying messaging and talking directly to your customers increases revenue, saves time, and stops overspending.

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If you’re ready to be certain about your marketing strategy, schedule a 30-minute meeting where we’ll discuss your marketing challenges and your business’s goals. Then, we’ll outline a marketing strategy and plan of action that allows you to reach your goals without overspending. From there, we’ll implement the strategy—while giving you regular data-driven updates.

By trusting our team to oversee your marketing strategy, you can free up your schedule to focus on what’s most important to you— serving your customers well and having a life outside of the office.

However, without an effective marketing strategy, small business leaders haphazardly try to market their businesses between their other responsibilities. This wastes time, wastes money, and prevents business growth. 

Treefrog clients, on the other hand, say that it feels amazing to be confident in their marketing. And, because they don’t have to personally implement their strategy, they are able to devote their full focus to serving their customers and the other aspects of growing their businesses. This is because they know their marketing strategy is continually helping them reach their best customers. 

Schedule a 30-minute meeting to talk about a marketing strategy for your small business that saves time, increases profits, and allows you to feel confident in your marketing.

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Choose a marketing partner that follows a proven protocol and gets results.

    • Connect with us to discuss your goals.
    • Outline a plan of action that allows you to reach your goals without overspending.
    • Free up your schedule to focus on serving customers well and life outside of the office.

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Explore the top three things that impact your marketing efforts most.